‘Ilm, It needs Intellectual Dedication

Have you ever read the biography of Imam Malik, friends? He is one of the four schools of jurisprudence (al madhahib al arbaah) in Islamic teaching, he was known with his traditional thinking. According to various data gotten by author, Imam Malik just lived in a city, Medina. It was different with the other scholars who explored many cities in their journey. He just sometimes went to Mecca to do the pilgrimage (hajj). Starting from Imam Malik’s life history which closed with education, he was taught by his mother to respect and dedicate to the science. When Malik was child, his mother commanded him to wear the best clothes and use the best perfume when studying and attending the place of science (majlis al ilm). By some years, Malik was the figure who really wanted to dedicate his life to the science, without any compromises in sheen of world wealth. Even, till the half end of his life Continue reading